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Fischer Amps NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

Fischer Amps supply top-quality NiMH batteries only. This ensures reliable and safe working with these rechargeable batteries.


  • Suitable for ultra fast charging,
  • very high capacity,
  • eco-friendly NiMH technology (without cadmium),
  • no memory effect (therefore no discharging required),
  • 300 - 400 charging/discharging cycles possible.


  • 9V Block 300 mAh
    The high-power 9V NiMH battery for use with apparatus with high power consumption such as in-ear receivers, UHF wireless systems, or when the gig takes a bit longer ...
  • Mignon/AA 2850mAh
    Brand-new NiMH rechargeable battery with more capacity than any alkaline AA battery.
    • Micro/AAA 1000mAh
      Very good standard NiMH battery; can be used in 1.5V AAA disposable battery applications.

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