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Custom Musicians Ear Plugs for Fischer Amps FA-1, FA-2, FA-3 / FA-3 XB In Ears

We have developed custom-mould ear plugs for Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 earphones and Fischer Amps FA-1, FA-2 and FA-3 / FA-3 XB. These ear plugs do not only improve the fit of these in ears, but can also be used separately as custom hearing protection with replaceable filters. They are perfect for rock concerts, night clubs, work, business trips. Ear plugs are useful in any situation where noise comes and goes.

The filters are simply inserted in place of the in ear earphones and are available with filters with 6, 9, 12, 18 or 25 dB noise reduction providing balanced sound reduction with very little disruption of frequency response. Unlike the muffled sound of disposable ear plugs, the custom musicians ear plugs reduce the noise thus offering a high sound quality.

The attenuation level can easily be determined by choosing from the variety of filters offered. For concert-goers, filters with 9 or 12dB attenuation are sufficient. 



Adaptor Rings for Custom Ear Plugs

Adaptors allowing to plug universal in ear monitoring earphones into custom ear plugs after removing the filters. Adaptors are available

for the following earphones: Shure SCL 2, Shure SCL 3/SLC 4, Shure SCL 5

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