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Fischer Amps® FA In Ear Earphones

The Fischer Amps earphones are not only developed in Gemany, but are completely made in Germany!

Fischer Amps In-Ear Earphones, built with high-quality, balanced armature speakers, deliver a clean and detailed sound. Due to the high efficiency of the earphone systems, the volume of your sound source can be turned to a lower level than before. Protect your hearing, do not listen at high sound levels and give your ears a rest from time to time. A perfect listening experience with Fischer Amps earphones is possible when you make sure that you use them with high-quality audio sources and music material. Fischer Amps FA-earphones can be used with all audio sources which are suitable for headphones with low impedances and have a 3.5mm (1/8“) jack output.

Features of the FA Standard In Ear Earphones

state-of-the-art driver design with single, dual or triple balanced armature Drivers

small but solid earpiece of anodised Aluminium

screwed-on housing cover for easy Service

kink-resitant, aramid-reinforced cable to withstand a tensile load up to 800 N

can be used with eartips (included) or with custom earplugs

Inserting the Earphone in the Ear:

The earphones are marked L (left) and R (right). Insert the earpiece marked „R“ in your right ear, the earpiece marked „L“ in your left ear. The earphones can be worn with the cable pointing downwards or with the cable over the ear. Wearing the cable over the ear is the best method to ensure optimum fit and fixing of the earphones and also reduces cable noise when moving. When wearing the earphones with the cable around the ear, hold the earphones so that the cable points upwards and the eartips face inwards, position the cable behind your ears and insert the earpiece into the ear canal. Please make sure that cable merges behind the head or under your chin and fix the ear loops by raising the cable cinch. The earphones can also be worn with the cable pointing downwards and the cable fixed under the chin.


FA-2E available in clear
FA-3E available in trans grey

Features of the FA Ergonomic Earphones FA-2E, FA-3E, FA-3E XB and FA-4E XB

state-of-the-art driver design with dual, triple or quadruple balanced armature drivers

ergonomic earpiece for perfect and solid fit

replaceable cable with reinforced ear loop

FA-4E XB trans royal blue [Art. 012112]
FA-4E XB trans grey [Art. 012111]

Sound Characteristics:

FA-1 (1 balanced armature): Detailed, powerful sound with slight bass boost and decent mid roll-off. Perfect for in ear Monitoring starters and portable use with mp3-players.

FA-2 / FA-2 E (2 balanced armatures, 2-way earphone): Detailed, powerful sound with slight bass boost, decent mid roll-off and clear highs.

 FA-3 / FA-3 E (3 balanced armatures: 2 low drivers, 1 mid/high): Audiophile and powerful sound with slight bass enhancement. Perfect for in ear monitoring on stage or for audiophiles.

FA-3 XB / FA-3 E XB (3 balanced armatures with 2-way crossover, 2 back-vented low drivers, 1 mid/high): Audiophile and powerful sound with slight bass enhancement. Perfect for in ear monitoring on stage or for audiophiles.

FA-4E XB: (4 balanced armatures with 3-way crossover, 2 back-vented low drivers,  1 mid driver, 1 high driver): Maximum brilliant sound with slight bass enhancement and clear and linear mid-/high-frequencies. Perfect for ambitious in ear monitoring on stage or for audiophiles.

Specifications FA / FA-E series

  FA-1 FA-2 / FA-2E FA-3 / FA-3E FA-3 XB / FA-3E XB FA-4E XB
Frequency response: 20 Hz - 16.5 kHz 20 Hz - 17 kHz 20 Hz - 17.5 kHz 20 Hz - 17.5 kHz 20 Hz - 18.5 kHz
Impedance @ 1 ohm: 30 ohms 22 ohms 17 ohms 17 ohms 19 ohms
Sensitivity @ 0.1 V: 112 dB 114 dB 114 dB 119 dB 119 dB
Cable: 121 cm (48")          
Angeled plug 3.5 mm (1/8") gold plated          

Supplied with

Travel bag

3 pairs of silicone eartips, sizes S, M, L

3 pairs of ComplyTM foam tips T 500, sizes S, M, L

Earwax tool, Manual

FA Earphones Manual


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