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InEar Monitoring Hardware

Fischer Amps® InEar Monitoring products

In Ear Stick NEW
•Easiest, smallest and lightweight front-end professional headphone amp
Hardwired Body Pack
Hard-wired headphone amp body pack for those musicians whose instrument restrict their freedom of movement
In Ear Body Pack XL
The Body Pack XL has the same functional principle like the Fischer Amps Hardwired In Ear Body Pack plus an additional Mic-In to add-on a microphone signal to the stereo or mono mix received
Fischer Amps In Ear Amp 2
Fischer Amps In Ear Amp 8
Guitar In Ear Cable
The combination of a top-quality instrument cable and a balanced, three-core cable delivers the headphone signal directly to the Mini Bodypack
Mini Body Pack (XLR female or 1/4" stereo jack connector)
Drum InEar Amp 2
The complete in-ear monitoring package for the drummer - new version
Shaker Amp 400 (115V/230V AC)
ButtKicker / Bass Shaker Products
Guitar Genius
allows to operate the amplifier at full load, but still at household noise level or even soundless by using headphones or in ear monitoring
Mini DI-Box (new)



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smallest and lightweight front-end professinoal headphone amp [read more]

sehr kleiner Kopfhörerverstärker. NEU!

Shaker Amp 400

Rack-mount amplifier to operate the ButtKicker Concert (2ohms) or ButtKicker LFE (4ohms) [read more]

Fischer Amps In Ear Amp 8

Headphone amplifier for up to 8 musicians! [more]

Hardwired In Ear Body Pack XL

[Art. Nr. 001130]

Headphone amplifier with additional microphone In [read more]

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