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Fischer Amps® In Ear Amp 8 - for up to 8 musicians

[Art. No. 001123]

The perfect solution to provide up to eight musicians with an in ear mix. T

he half rack-space In Ear Amp 8 with eight XLR outputs is based on the Fischer Amps In Ear Amp 2. Musicians can control their volume individually with Fischer Amps Mini Body Packs with XLR input [Art. No. 001125]. The In Ear Amp 8 allows short cable routes on stage and cabling with standard microphone cables. Thanks to the Class A MOSFET amplifier with switchable output power, the unit can be used with high-impedance headphones as well as with low-impedance in ear earphones. The XLR inputs have parallel XLR outputs so that the signals can be looped-through to the next In Ear Amp.

Using the In Ear Amp 8 is a simple but effective way to provide a stereo mix for a great number of listeners, the optimum system for orchestras, studios, conference rooms and budget-conscious productions.


Features of the Fischer Amps In Ear Amp 8

  • Two balanced inputs with combined XLR/jack connector with link-
  • through input (XLR-outputs)
  • LED display for input signals
  • Brand new class A MOSFET headphone amp with limiter
  • Switchabe output power for low-impedance in ear earphones and headphones with higher impedance > 250 ohms
  • Sturdy 9.5“ casing with integrated switching power supply, switchable voltage supply 115VAC or 250VAC
  • Ground-lift switch
  • Adaptor set to mount In Ear Amp 8 in 19“ rack

Operating Manual


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